Luciano Sandrone

The Azienda Luciano Sandrone is dedicated to producing Nebbiolo of the Barolo and Roero zones to the highest qualitative levels possible. Every bottle of Sandrone wine is made with the same careful attention to artisanal tradition, supported by modern techniques and hand labor. The three Nebbiolo bottlings are each unique winemaking statements that reflect a perfect fusion of the terroir, the vines and the Sandrone winery. They are three distinct expressions of a single vision and purpose, and each is a result of a careful interaction between nature and winemaking. None of these is a "second wine" or inferior to its brothers in any way. Valmaggiore shows incredible perfume, elegance and finesse in a relatively lighter structure so characteristic of the Roero. Barolo Cannubi Boschis is a perfect expression of its vineyard's beautiful exposure and soils through its pure, focused fruit and tannins. Barolo Le Vigne pays homage to the historically significant style of assemblaggio