Armagnac Castarede

Established for 6 generations in the region, first in Lavardac, the Castarède family also owns the Maniban estate in Mauléon-d’Armagnac in Bas Armagnac with its 16th century château and 16 hectares of vines comprising the 3 varieties : Folle Blanche, Colombard and Ugni Blanc. Florence Castarède, who nowadays heads this family-owned Armagnac, under the benevolent eye of her father Jean Castarède, stands as its perfect example. She does not hesitate to travel the world, sharing her extraordinary cultural and gastronomic family heritage with a positively catching joie de vivre, energy and appetite. Initially the trading house carried the name Jules Nismes Delclou & Cie. Ennobled by King Louis XVIII in 1818, the Castarède family gave its name and its arms later on. In 1832, on the advice of baron Haussmann, sub-prefect of Nérac and friends of the family, it featured in the trade register of that time, as the first Armagnac trading house. For 180 years, in cellars ideally situated at