Five Questions with John Graham, Founder of Churchill's Port

posted by LH, 30 May 2018

Photo Credit: Churchill's Port


  1. How would you describe Churchill’s Port, without describing the port? Traditional with a modern twist.
  2. In a sentence, dispel port’s fusty rep (and obviously a myth!) once and for all. Port is one of the finest WINES in the world and should be treated with that respect.
  3. How does one serve port in a hot and humid country like Singapore? Chilled*. It has plenty of fruit to withstand the cold temperature.
  4. What is your favourite style of port? Vintage Port and LBV for special occasions because they are rich and complex and I like to guess the year of the vintage! However, on a regular basis, I like chilled 10 Year old Tawny Port or chilled Reserve Port because they are also delicious and easy to serve straight from the bottle.
  5. What would you pair with a bottle of Churchill’s Reserve Port NVChurchill’s Reserve Port goes very well with all cheeses and most chocolate desserts but I prefer to drink my Port on its own as a dessert alternative or while watching TV after dinner.

*Chilled refers to 8-10°C.