Luciano Sandrone

posted by Vermilion Wines & Spirits, 01 July 2016

Passion, transparency, integrity, value. We, the Sandrone family and our winery staff, believe that the best and only representation of our work and effort is the quality in the bottle, not a pretty ad campaign or flashy marketing.

The Sandrone winery was founded in 1978, born from a desire to make the finest possible expression of the Nebbiolo grape from the unique terroirs of the Langhe. This passion has informed the decision making at every step of the process. Furthermore, the wines should represent the best quality achievable at every price point. In effect, the basic wines are made with the same commitment to quality as the luxury cuvees.

Between 1973 and 1977, several bottles exist that were “made” by Luciano’s father from purchased bulk wine. He put a family label on them to give as gifts to his customers and friends. A few remaining bottles of 1973 and 1975 Barolo decorate the winery. These are not recognized as Sandrone wines – Luciano did not make the wine!

In late 1977, Luciano was able to purchase a first small part of the Cannubi vineyard. The following year (1978) he began making minute quantities of his own wine in the garage of his parents’ home, testing and refining his ideas about how to make a wine of distinction and high quality that respected the traditions of the Barolo, while incorporating many of the new technological innovations that were being used to make Barolo less forbidding and hard. In 1982 he met his first international distributor at VinItaly who bought nearly all 1500 bottles of his first 1978 Barolo and who began exporting his wines first to the US and Switzerland, then eventually around the world. Dolcetto and Barbera were added in 1981 and 1982. The growth of Luciano’s Cannubi production was slow and measured as adjoining parcels became available.