Each brand has a distinct personality, finding the right client fit for each wine and winery is what makes Vermilion Wines and Spirits special. We work closely with our producers to discover their unique qualities and build a target marketing approach to reach the right clientele.

Vermilion Wines & Spirits works with our customers to train and elaborate the unique qualities of each wine, ensuring that the wines fit their clientele and the value proposition in their market segment.


Louis Latour

Maison Louis Latour is one of the best known merchants and négociants in Beaune and has a reputation for producing whites of quality and individuality. The company owns over 45 hectares of prime vineyards, including a major holding on the famous Corton hill. ...


Luciano Sandrone

Passion, transparency, integrity, value. We, the Sandrone family and our winery staff, believe that the best and only representation of our work and effort is the quality in the bottle, not a pretty ad campaign or flashy marketing. The Sandrone winery was ...

30/6/2016 6:01:00 AM

Vermilion Wines & Spirits Site Launch

Welcome to Vermilion. I am really pleased that this site is finally up. Vermilion represents producers at the pinnacle of their region. Managed independently, we rely on Taste of Tradition for their cool chain logistics and same day deliveries. Follow us a...


Armagnac Castarède 1977

Tasting Notes: Armagnac Castarède 1977 Brass colour to moderate shade. The bouquet has a fine range and intense crystallized fruit, plum, not much spicy. The taste is mellow, well-developed with a retro on the plum and a woody taste really subtle. Superb l...


The Great Cork Versus Screwcap Debate

*©Maggie Starbard/NPR    It’s a never-ending wrangle of opinions.    On one hand, you’ve got a historically preferred seal that wine traditionalists argue allows air to seep in, thus allowing for gen...


Five Questions with John Graham, Founder of Churchill's Port

Photo Credit: Churchill's Port   How would you describe Churchill’s Port, without describing the port? Traditional with a modern twist. In a sentence, dispel port’s fusty rep (and obviously a myth!) once and for all. Port is one ...